To schedule an appointment, please visit our online booking page!  Click here!

The salon is not marked on the outside (for privacy), but it’s fairly easy to find! We are located in the bottom, corner unit of the two-story building of 4455 Twain Avenue


2019/2020 New Clients: $55

2018 clients: $50 (grandfathered price)

Lip Wax: $10 

Tweeze-Only Brows: $55

 We are currently operating with a $10 temporary price increase until January. The above prices reflect the increase already.

What happens during your service?

During each appointment, your brows will be waxed, tweezed and trimmed to perfection. Brows are also filled in when time allows for it! You’ll always be instructed on where to grow them in to constantly be perfecting your desired shape!

What if I can’t wax? 

We offer tweeze-only since we do not allow anyone to wax when skincare is being used that would thin the skin out. You should always google your skincare to have an idea of what you are using. Accutane (or any other prescription acne medication), retinol, antibiotics, sunburned skin, even some percentages of salacylic acid are big NO-NO’s!

Certain skincare and waxing are both forms of exfoliation. For regular users—who generally have fewer dead skin cells on their skin—lip, eyebrow, or any facial waxing can strip away part of the epidermis, resulting in abrasion. If you are not 100% sure that your products are safe, google it and if someone has had an issue they will have written about it. Wax alone is unlikely to lift the skin unless it is extremely thin.


When you schedule an appointment, you will be asked to enter a credit card number. This card is on file in case of a no-show appointment. You pay for your services in person with cash. * Please note that we do sell products so bringing only enough cash for your service can restrict you from purchasing products! There is an atm located directly across the street.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

Since we only offer online booking, you have complete control of your appointment. You may cancel or reschedule as long as it’s done 24 hours + ahead of time. The full amount of your service will be charged to your credit card on file for all missed appointments. Our cancellation policy is extremely strict so if this is not something you agree to, we ask that you do not book a service. It includes emergencies and is nothing personal- the business simply can not be held responsible for occurrences in others’ lives. This policy is an extremely important part of the business running smoothly and we thank you for understanding


Parking is located in front of the salon, and also on the side of the one-story building.


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